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For anyone wondering who the person behind GamerZone Malta is. My name is Matthew, I am a vivid Gamer and Collector myself. Since my main interest is Anime, I was finding it pretty hard to satisfy the urge for my collection as I always found it hard to find the statues I always sought after as in Malta, I always thought that Anime was not as popular as I wished for. 

After contemplating for a very long time on this matter, around September 2020 I decided to try and evolve my hobbies into a small business, so I started off in the hope of satisfying as much collectors as possible.... (and of course msyelf) 

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How we started off....from Playstation and Anime, to dragging myself in the world of Funko, Collectibles, Trading Card Games and much more....

Growing up, most of the time you would find me immersed in a video game or watching Anime (recorded for me on VHS whilst I was in school). I used to watch loads of Anime in Italian (as in my era, here in Malta our TV channels where mostly Italian since Italy is not far off from here. I used to love watching anime, and apart from the classic like Dragonball, Saint Seiya and One Piece (in my time), loads of others used to air which today are not so common but I'm sure people my age still remember fondly. Lupin the Third, Ronin Warriors, Tiger Mask, Fist of the North Star, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon and so many more that if I carry on I will never finish writing. I Around September 2020, I decided to turn my hobbies into a small online business, and started looking at stuff which I always found hard to find myself.

Our first range of items was a couple of video games already released, I remember most of them being Playstation 4 Games and a couple of Xbox One. After the first lot, I started to look at other opportunities and managed to open some other doors. I managed to be one of the first persons to bring Playstation 5 games here in Malta, and also, although a very little amount, managed to bring some of the hard to find Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles to satisfy some of our regular customers! Nowadays we have quite a variety of games in stock and also take Video Games Pre-Orders for upcoming games!

After video games, we were keen on starting to focus on one of our other passions, Anime. Loads of Anime have been released from my time, some of them already reaching legendary status such as Naruto and Bleach and others which have an enormous  potential of reaching the heights of Dragonball and the others mentioned before. Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer (two which I highly recommend), My Hero Academia and many others are catching the interest of anime fans around the globe. Since interest got bigger and bigger, many collectors started seeking for more anime statues and merchandise, and here in Malta, it was almost impossible to satisfy their urge for their collection. After contemplating a lot on the subject, I decided to take matters in my hands.

I started by focusing on the two major ones, Dragon Ball and One Piece, and when the first items arrived, I soon realized that here in Malta, there where so many Anime followers then I ever imagined. I started meeting new people who they where very happy to talk about their passion with someone who is much of a fan as themselves, clients started to become friends, and many people started to ask for items which I didn't even consider before.

People started to tell me about Funko Pops, which I honestly didn't know a thing about, and since I saw that there was a huge interest in the collectors community in this range of collection, I started to take a huge interest in them and decided to import my first Funko lot. From there, I started to talk to people which where more knowledgeable then myself and tried to learn the trade. 2 years later, we have one of the largest selection here in Malta, having almost 3000 Funko Pops in stock (yes you read right, 3000), and almost 1000 different characters from many various ranges such as Anime, Cartoons, Movies, Television, Disney, Marvel, DC and the most recent Soda & Pins. Apart from the common Pops (as collectors call them), we managed to get our hands on more hard to find Pops. We managed to get Limited Edition Pops which exclusive to Comic Conventions, US imports, International releases and many more. And for those wondering,we take Funko Pre-Orders for upcoming ranges.


Other people with various interests started to message me and showing interest in other ranges. Marvel and DC where very sought after as well as characters from Movies and TV Series like Harry Potter, Star Wars and many more. From there, we started importing various statues from different brands. Iron Studios, Diamond Select, Kotobukiya, Banpresto, Bandai, Megahouse and many other brands are present in our stock, and, of course some merchandise are present as well! 

And the most recent additions are Trading Card Games. So far, we managed to get our hand on the Trading Card Games of Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic The Gathering, Digimon & the most recent My Hero Academia. In the near future, the new One Piece Trading Card Game will be available as well!

I am honestly overwhelmed at the support I received during these two years I've been in business, the response has been fantastic and I thank each and every person who decided to make a purchase from us. I would be nowhere near where I am today in this business if it wasn't for each and everyone of you. I hope I can keep meeting the expectations of our clients and if I apologize if we made a mistake with some of you. I promise we will get better, and hopefully even bigger, to satisfy even more customers, from Malta AND around the globe.

Contact us:

If anyone needs something in particular or any information please do not hesitate to contact us. We are on Facebook and Instagram as well as various messaging applications such as Whatsapp!

(+356) 77775651

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