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The G.E.M. Digimon series is advancing even further this year with a new series called the Precious G.E.M. Series! The next addition to the Digimon collection is the Ultimate Digimon MetalGarurumon together with his partner, Yamato Ishida!

MetalGarurumon is an impressive 300mm in length creating one of the most eye-catching figures ever seen in the G.E.M. series, with sharp sculptwork that captures both his metallic appearance and his more gentle side.


Yamato has also been carefully detailed riding upon MetalGarurumon's back with his Digivice in hand! Enjoy both Digimon and trainer as they battle together in your collection!


Be sure to display them together with the previously announced WarGreymon & Taichi Kamiya to bring out the Digital World even more!


Product Features


  • 11.8 inches (30cm)
  • Made of PVC
  • Second in the Precious G.E.M. series
  • Ishida Yamato with the Digimon Metalgarurumon
  • Metallic paint application


Box Contents


  • Garurumon & Ishida Yamato figure

Adventure Precious G.E.M. Garurumon & Ishida Yamato

SKU: 548
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