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Statue Stephen Strange - Multiverse of Madness - Mini Co. PVC Figure - Iron Studios 16 cm


In his magic mansion known as the Sanctum Sanctorum, the heroic Sorcerer Supreme from Marvel’s universe comfortably floats with his legs crossed, with the help of his faithful Cloak of Levitation. Focused, he studies the Darkhold, a mystic book filled with power and knowledge, with which the powerful sorcerer can can access other dimensions. Expanding their magical knowledge, Iron Studios present the statue “Stephen Strange – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – MiniCo”, with the stylized version of the superhero sorcerer inspired by his latest solo movie.


After helping Spider-Man with a spell that made everyone in the world forget his identity as Peter Parker, Doctor Strange ended up opening portals to other alternate realities. From one of these realities, Strange meets America Chavez, a teenager that has the ability to travel between dimensions in the multiverse, and that is running away because mystic forces are hunting her. By seeking help from Wanda Maximoff, Strange finds out that she is responsible for the attacks after she became the Scarlet Witch, and that she aims to control Chavez’s powers so that she can live in another reality with her children, created through chaos magic in her world. With the mission of helping the multiverse, Doctor Strange receives the help of new and old mystic allies and crosses incomprehensible and dangerous alternate realities to prevent the destruction of universes and stop the maddened Scarlet Witch.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Mini Co. PVC Figure Stephen Strange

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