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Statue Ron Weasley - Harry Potter - Mini Co. PVC Figure - Iron Studios 14 cm


Celebrating the 20-years-anniversary of its premiere in the movie theaters, Iron Studios bring three new statues in their collectible Toy Art MiniCo format with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley representing some of their most unforgettable moments and bringing a new opportunity for Harry Potter fans to start their MiniCo collection.

With his wand damaged after an accident, the small and clumsy redhead wizard boy sees the spell backfiring when he tries to curse an arrogant bully at Hogwarts School. After Draco Malfoy insults his best friend, he casts the Slug-vomiting Charm, but since his wand is patched up and not working properly, he ends up causing himself to vomit slugs and green goop. A comic moment that was replicated by Iron Studios in the statue "Ron Weasley with Broken Wand - Harry Potter - MiniCo", with the loyal and playful wizard sick after regurgitating a lovely slug that is peaceful on its green goop. Ron Weasley is Harry Potter and Hermione's best friend. A great ally and good-tempered, he comes from a family of Pure-blood wizards. Sixth in a family of seven sons, Ron gets mad when he has to face secondhand books and clothes, something that happens a lot in his life.

Harry Potter Mini Co. PVC Figure Ron Weasley with Broken Wand

SKU: 1434
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