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Experience the dramatic conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy with the ruthless Agent 47 in HITMAN 3.

Travel the world on a mercenary adventure as Agent 47, the ruthless professional assassin who must complete the most important contracts of his career.

You will experience a freedom like never before, and see how the world around you reacts to the events that you yourself cause. Experience the Danish gaming company, IO Interactive's award-winning Glacier technology, which means that Hitman 3 takes place in an empathetic world that offers freedom of play without equal.


Hitman 3 features:


  • Campaign mode - Campaign mode takes you on a worldwide adventure in sparkling sandbox worlds, giving you the dramatic conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy


  • Elusive Targets - Elusive Targets is the ultimate Hitman challenge, and is designed to give you an exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience. You need to track down unique targets, almost without the help of HUD or Instinct, and find a way to eliminate them on the go.


  • Escalations - Test your own skills and push yourself to your limits in this game mode, adding new elements to each level of the contract. Additional security cameras, limited disguises and other challenges are thrown your way.


  • Contracts Mode - choose your own goals and choose how to eliminate them and then execute it. Once you've done it yourself, you can challenge your friends and compete for the best score.

Hitman III

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