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Ascientist and expert on the Human Genome Theory, Dr Roy Curien descends into insanity as he searches for a power, allowing him to resurrect the dead After he succeeds, one of the researchers named Sophie Richards manages to contact her AMS friends Thomas Rogan and Agent G for help Their mission is to stop the mad scientist and rescue all the laboratory staff, by making their way through the mansion, while fending off hordes of zombies

Aloneor with a friend fight against zombies and nightmare creatures with this gory and uninhibited zombie shooter.

The complete remake visual audio, mechanics and new game modes) of the iconic shooter game released in Arcade in 1996

  • Play alone or with a friend using joycons or a gun.

  • A frenetic action that never stops.

  • An entire bestiary of creatures to unlock to learn more of their weaknesses.

House of the Dead Remake

SKU: 1214
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