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God Gundam joins the popular Gundam Universe lineup!

This gorgeous set includes God Gundam's God Finger, finished in metallic hue for extra impact. Its back-mounted generators open, and chest parts can be swapped to re-create Hyper Mode. The God Finger Protector can be detached and mounted forward.


Product Features


  • 5.9 inches (15cm)
  • Based on the Mobile Fighter G Gundam anime
  • Part of the Gundam Universe series
  • Features the God Finger in metallic hue, back-mounted generators open, chest parts to recreate Hyper Mode, God Finger, and more


Box Contents


  • God Gundam figure
  • God Finger
  • God Finger parts
  • Hyper Mode chest parts

GU-11 GF13-017NJ God

SKU: 565
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