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If you ask me, a trip to the Upside Down doesn't exactly sound like a pleasant day (or night) out. It's cold, it's dark, oh and there's these terrifying creatures called Demogorgons lurking around. Thankfully we'll never have to go there, but boy is it fun to watch the people of Hawkins deal with the havoc on Netflix's hit series Stranger Things!


Funko's new Build-A-Scene set showcases one of the more iconic visuals from the series, the Byers' House, but from two different perspectives! 

Each Stranger Things Deluxe Build-A-Scene Pop! Vinyl Figure features a character from the show, standing on a base/backdrop of the Byers House, two in the real world and two from the Upside Down. These four pieces all connect to build a stunning scene display!


Here we have everyone's favourite chief of police, Hopper, standing in the Byers House, complete with Joyce's Christmas lights on the wall that she uses to communicate with Will when he's trapped in the Upside Down.


Collect all four and relive the glorious 80s with Funko's new Stranger Things Build-A-Scene Pop! Vinyl Figure today.

Pop! Television Stranger Things Byers House: Hopper 1188

SKU: 1751
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