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Renowned adventurer Adol “the Red” Christn and his companion Dogi arrive at Balduq, a city annexed by the Romun Empire, only for Adol to be detained before setng foot inside. While imprisoned, he meets a mysterious woman named Aprilis who turns him into a Monstrum, a being with supernatural Gifs and the power to exorcise monsters. Now, Adol must ally with his fellow Monstrums to fend of the fearsome threats emerging from a shadowy dimension called the Grimwald Nox, as well as unravel the mysteries of the Monstrum curse, and the truth behind the unrest within Balduq.


Key Features:


Feared Protectors — Play as any of the six notorious Monstrums, each with their own unique Gifs that grant abilites such as scaling sheer walls or detectng hidden objects to protect the city from shadowy creatures.

The World Within the Walls — Explore the massive city, accept quests to aid the townsfolk, and enter the Grimwald Nox to vanquish the threats to Balduq.

Strength of the Night — Familiar mechanics such as Flash Dodge and Flash Guard allow you to outmaneuver your foes, while new additons such as Gifs and Boost Mode further augment your ability to fight.

YS IX: Monstrum Nox Pact Edition

SKU: 952
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